2016, March

Farm update: 3/27/2016

This week: harvesting, chick updates, farm goods display.

2016, March

Farm update – 3/20/2016

Exciting news: watch your inboxes, as some veggies are getting ready to harvest! It won't be long before they're posted here and ready for you to eat! This weekend's major tasks included transplanting lettuce, Swiss chard, and kale from a cold frame into the ground, and covering weather- and insect-sensitive crops with a floating row… Continue reading Farm update – 3/20/2016

2016, March

Farm update – 3/6/2016

Another beautiful weekend for farm chores! This week was devoted to a successional planting of many of the spring crops planted two weeks ago, plus a few newbies. But the highlight of the weekend was the purchase of 6 more chicks, this time Black Sex-links. Seeds and seedlings planted this week include: cabbage, broccoli, swiss… Continue reading Farm update – 3/6/2016