2016, March

Farm update: 3/27/2016

Happy rainy Easter!

What a weekend it has been. The vegetables should appreciate all this rain (if they’re not drowning in it!), but the weeds will too. So I know what I’ll be doing as soon as the sun comes out.

Despite the rain, some important farm work did get done:

We were able to sneak out between rain drops to do some harvesting. Kale, turnip greens, Swiss chard, and radishes are all ready to go! See the “Currently Available” page for an up-to-date list of what we have.

The first seeding of zucchini and cucumber seems to have been unsuccessful, so new seed was purchased and sowed. If it doesn’t come up this time, it’s not for being too dry! A second round of tomatoes and some cilantro were sowed into mini-plugs in the cold frame. The cilanto is an experiment – it’s not really supposed to grow well here.



The oldest chicks, the Production Reds, got upgraded to “teenager” status and were¬†moved to outdoor quarters! At more than four weeks old, they should be able to leave the heating lamp behind, but because of the rain we brought a heating lamp with them just for good measure. They spent a good deal of the weekend huddled underneath it, so it is probably good they had it.


IMG_20160325_193346160-320x180The Reds got moved outside in part to make room for the last round of chicks for this year. This time we got four blue egg laying chickens and one Rhode Island Red, already named “Chippy.” Counting the mature hens, the teenagers, and the two sets of chicks, we now have 30 chickens, the most we’ve ever had.

The continued rain also gave us the opportunity to start on a new project, building a display for farm goods, as we’re currently planning on selling at the Bainbridge Farmer’s Market when it opens on April 16.


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