2016, April

Farm update – 4/3/2016

The Hakurei turnips are ready! We also have kale, mixed turnip greens, Swiss chard, radishes, and fresh bundles of oregano and garlic chives. Check out what’s currently available!

There’s an official USGS rain gauge less than a quarter mile from the farm, but it’s not reporting accurately, so unofficially we got 8 to 10 to 1,800 inches of rain in the past 10 days. Somewhere in that range. Luckily, the farm came through the heavy rain relatively unscathed, and things are still looking really pretty.

Turnip row

In spite of the floating row covers, which in general are doing great at keeping insects at bay, some of the garden veggies don’t quite make the mark, and those imperfect greens go to the chickens. In fact, I think the chickens look forward to harvest day as much as I hope y’all do. It feels fitting to share the goods of the field with the chickens, for several reasons. One, they do love them – maybe not as much as stale bread, but the way they steal greens from each other and run off with them tells me they must be tasty. Two, it makes their eggs pretty – dark, leafy greens are high in xanthophylls (natural plant pigments) and result in orange-colored yolks, which lets you know you’re not eating supermarket eggs. Three, it completes the cycle – the field provides nutritious vegetables to the chickens, which, in return, provide nutritious fertilizer for the field.


As expected, the garden required lots of weeding earlier in the week (and will again soon!). In addition to harvesting, this weekend also included another round of transplanting. Watermelon plants went in to replace the seeds that never germinated (apparently growing squash and melons from seed is not my thing), and tomatoes and kale that have grown up in the cold frame made their way out into the world beyond.

In other exciting farm news, you can now find us on Instagram! (Yup, the farm is now officially more “social” than I am!)

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