2016, April

Farm update – 4/17/2016

If you’re into salads, these next few weeks are for you – we’re coming into lettuce mixes, and we still have greens and a variety of root vegetables to mix in with all those yummy leaves. This week, we have Hakurei turnips, radishes, lettuce, kale, and garlic chives. There’s a new ordering form directly on the currently available page, so no longer will you have to flip back and forth between our website and your email just to order your veggies.

If you saw us at the Bainbridge Farmers Market this week, you might have noticed that we now have a logo. I’m super excited about this, and we owe a debt of gratitude to the amazingly talented Julia Rittenhouse, who designed it AND made it into a stamp so that the logo can be put on everything!

The highlight of the weekend was the farmers market, so thanks to everyone who stopped by! It was opening day for the 2016 market season, and turnout was fantastic. We plan to keep on coming each Saturday, so come back and see us (just maybe get there early!).

Another major planting effort took place this week: a couple varieties each of cucumbers and squash, as well as okra, tiger eye beans, and cut flowers (zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos).

We got to move our Black Sex-Link chickens to their new outdoor quarters, and they seemed thrilled about it. With much more room to explore and high places to roost, they felt  like they were in chicken heaven.


Last, but not least, a full hive inspection was completed this weekend. The good news: only a handful of small hive beetles were found. They can wreak havoc on a hive, but a strong hive should be able to handle a small number of beetles. The better news: we’ll be able to harvest a new batch of honey very soon!!

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