2016, April

Farm update – 4/24/2016

Check out what’s available this week: purple top turnips, two varieties of kale, lettuce, and garlic chives. And very soon (check back later this week!): broccoli!!

If you ever wonder what flowers taste like, all you have to do is open a jar of honey.

We harvested the first crop of 2016 honey this weekend, and it is every bit as floral and delicate as last year’s spring honey. Happy as this makes me, our normally calm, peaceful hive was having a temper tantrum this weekend. It’s possible that the queen died, which is a major source of distress for the hive. We’ll have to keep an eye on the situation, but a yard full of angry bees is not a pleasant thing.

We were back at the Bainbridge market this weekend, and thanks again to everyone who helped make it such a success!


The market and honey harvesting took up most of the weekend, but we managed to plant more squash and cantaloupe, which I’m really looking forward to. The only cantaloupe I’ve ever grown volunteered itself near the compost pile last year, but I devotedly toted water to it and was rewarded with two delicious melons. Hopefully they¬†grow every bit as good this year.


And even though I can’t wait to try field-grown cantaloupes and juicy tomatoes, I’m also not ready to say goodbye to spring yet. After all, our lettuce hasn’t even come into its own yet in the field. But being in the upper 80s all this week may mean we bid adieu to our spring favorites.

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