2016, June

Farm update – 6/12/2016

IMG_20160613_211411This week’s Whole Farm basket includes two zucchini, four fancy yellow squash, a ┬ásmall bunch of carrots, and a half pint each of cherry and sun gold tomatoes. Check out what else we have, including heirloom squash, cucumbers, okra, a wide variety of fresh herbs, and freshly harvested honey, on the Currently Available page.

We were thrilled this week to be able to sell produce at two local farmers markets: the Tift Park Community Market in Albany, and the newly opened, but long time coming, Lick Skillet Farmers Market in Arlington. If you’ve never been there, Arlington is the first town to our west (well, excluding Patmos, which is a touch bigger than Milford but probably not technically a “town”).

The advent of the Lick Skillet market really got me thinking about the economic impact of farmers markets. I found a fascinating report (The Local Food Impact: What if Georgians Ate Georgia Produce?) from 2010 that showed that direct-to-consumer sales, including farmers markets, of Georgia-grown vegetables, melons, fruits, and nuts contributed $7 million to the state economy. Not only does this money stay in the local economy, but it typically also supports a small, family-run business.

I also found an article from 2009 that foresaw the end of farmers markets in Georgia. However, each of the markets we’ve sold at in recent months (Albany, Arlington, and Bainbridge), was created since that time, so to me that’s a positive sign showing that farmers markets still matter to our local communities. So keep on heading over to your local market. By doing so, you’re not only supporting local farmers and artisans, but you’re supporting the market itself. ┬áThe new Lick Skillet Farmers Market especially needs the full support of the local community to stay open, so come see us and the other vendors on the second and fourth Saturday of each month in Arlington.

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