2016, August

Farm update – 8/21/2016

They keep coming in: okra, peppers, and eggplant! Check it all out here.

Getting ready for the fall season involves more than just coming up with a planting plan and starting seeds at the appropriate times. It also entails planning ahead to make sure that we have the right tools and equipment ready for cultivating, harvesting, storing, and transporting produce.

This week we took a big leap forward in our ability to store produce with the acquisition of a large, commercial, stainless steel fridge. A fridge’s fridge, really. During the spring season, we often exceeded the capacity of the 14.5 cubic foot fridge we had been using. Turnip bundles, greens and all, take up a surprising amount of space. As do carrots, beets, and up to a dozen bags of lettuce and kale we were taking to market weekly.

Mr. Watson, the fridge’s now former owner, assured us over the phone that we could load the fridge into a pickup truck. So we¬†headed out early Saturday morning on a mission to return from Dublin with a commercial fridge in hand. After a biscuit breakfast, and just one wrong turn, we arrived three hours later in Dublin, at a roadside market that Mr. Watson had recently sold to a new owner.

Knowing the dimensions of the fridge ahead of time did not prepare us for the enormity of our mission. The fridge was in good shape, in working order, we definitely wanted to take it home. We told Mr. Watson as much, but had one caveat: our purchasing the fridge was contingent on us actually being able to get it in the truck. The man who had bought the roadside market from Mr. Watson and one of his employees launched into high gear, and in no time, the fridge was wheeled out of the store, loaded into the bed of the truck on its side, and secured in place.


“I truly believe you’ll get good use out of this,” Mr. Watson said as we parted ways. Four long hours later, all of them accompanied by the sound of the tie-down straps singing in the wind, we were home, but not before our new friend Mr. Watson called to check on us to see if we’d made it home ok.

Today we cleaned her up, and tomorrow we’ll get her plugged in and start filling up those 49 cubic feet of refrigerator with veggies and eggs. Not only does this fridge more than triple our amount of cold storage, but it will make our packaging process more efficient, as there will be much less arranging and rearranging of items, trying to get it all to fit.


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