2016, September

Farm update – 9/11/2016

For the first time in many weeks, we are again offering a weekly basket! This week’s basket includes a buttercup squash (more on these below), an eggplant, several small bell peppers, an herb sampler, and a dozen eggs. Check out the full list of what’s currently available.

Buttercup squash, if you’ve never seen/heard of/eaten them (I hadn’t), are very similar in flavor and texture to other winter squashes, like butternut or acorn. They have a dark green skin with silvery-white lines and a lighter, more yellow flesh than the orange of their cousin butternut. They’re round in cross-section, but squat. They are delicious roasted, and would undoubtedly puree into a great soup.


We continued to check items off our fall to-do list. One major undertaking was to begin demolition of a wooden deck. While the deck materials are no longer useful for their original purpose, we plan to recycle them into a semi-open shed that will provide space for a potting table, a greens washing station, and additional storage. The floor joists will become roof rafters, while the decking boards will be repurposed into a side wall that will provide much-needed summer shade.

The shed will also house our latest farm innovation, the “field tractor.” We dropped the mower deck off a somewhat decrepit lawn mower and attached a utility cart in order to give it a new lease on life. While it has so far mostly been used for amusement,


it proved its utility for the final farm work of the weekend, planting our fall crop of yellow squash and zucchini. The field tractor much simplified the task of spreading compost over the rows to be planted. Previously, this had involved carrying a 5 gallon bucket of compost at your hip, and scooping the compost out as you walked along the row. Today, we loaded the utility cart with compost, drove into the field, and shoveled the compost out as the tractor drove up the rows. Very nice!

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