2016, September

Farm update – 9/25/2016

This week we have large and small Whole Farm baskets, with the large basket containing more of certain items, as well as a wider variety of items than the small basket. Large baskets contain 1 lb. green peanuts, 1 each small-medium Black Beauty and Ichiban eggplants, 1 lb. okra, and ¾ lb. small-medium mixed bell and Gypsy sweet peppers. Small baskets contain 1 lb. green peanuts, ½ lb. okra, and ½ lb. peppers. Of course, many of these items are available individually, if you’d like to create your own basket. Check it all out at our virtual Farmers Market.

This was an all out planting preparation weekend! It all started with the delivery of 30 cubic yards of raised bed potting mix. Which, if you don’t know, makes quite a mountain of soil. We built six raised beds on Friday evening, then dedicated Saturday to moving the beds out to the field, laying a weed barrier around them to keep them as maintenance free as possible, and finally filling them with soil. We literally let the new tractor do all the heavy lifting, making our work easier, more efficient, and fun.

We also spruced up our old raised beds, tilling them, topping them off with the new raised bed mix, and turning the soil to incorporate new into old.


Now we just need to wait for the weather to cooperate for planting. The overnight lows are remaining stubbornly high, several degrees above average. We’ve been waiting for the lows to be consistently in the 60s, to cool the soil and give our seeds a chance to grow. If you believe the forecast, we’ll see lows in the upper 50s by the end of the week, so next weekend may be prime planting time!

You’ve probably seen peanut trailers all over southwest Georgia recently, maybe even trekked over to the Plains Peanut Festival this weekend. In case you’ve missed out on both of those: it’s peanut season! We dug our first bed of conventional peanuts this weekend, with another bed, and hopefully some of our organic peanuts too, soon to follow.

One other item on the farm to-do list this weekend was a hive inspection. There’s been a lot of activity around the hives recently, the goldenrods are coming into bloom, and it’s been a month since each hive received a new super, so it seemed like a reasonable time to gauge progress in the new supers. Nothing, nil, zilch. Nada! Neither hive has seemingly done the first bit of work in their upper super. It probably means that it’s been too hot, too dry, with low nectar flow from late August until now. However, it also means that we may not harvest honey at all this fall, depending on how the bees fare over the coming month. We’ll wait and see, and report back after the next inspection.

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