2016, October

Farm update – 10/9/2016

Our weekly basket this week shows that as the weather may finally be thinking about turning to fall, the summer veggies keep on going! This week you will receive two small-medium eggplant (Ichiban and/or black beauty), 0.5 lb okra, 0.5 lb peppers (bell, Marconi, and/or gypsy), 0.5 lb freshly-made boiled peanuts, and several jalapeño peppers.

We had a much less busy weekend for a change, but still managed to get a lot done. As we were assessing the weekend’s work load on Friday, it was clear that the things we were planning to do wouldn’t take the whole weekend. So, rather than scheduling in some relaxation time, we decided to go ahead and build something we will hopefully be needing very soon: a greens bubbler.

If you’ve bought salad mixes, kale, Swiss chard, or spinach from us this year, one thing you may have noticed is that the greens have been washed before they arrive in your kitchen. It’s important to us that they’re clean for you, embodied in our motto as “artisanal produce,” and several people have thanked us for providing washed greens, so I feel like it’s important to many of you as well. However, the greens got as clean as they did because we washed every leaf by hand. Literally! We are growing about four times more lettuce this fall than we did in the spring, so hand washing will no longer be a viable, sustainable option. But, neither is packaging up unwashed greens. Instead, we will be putting harvested greens into the greens bubbler, which is a big tank of water where compressed air will bubble up from submerged pipes, agitating the greens, and hopefully removing any grit. We’ll post videos of it in action once the greens start coming in!

We tilled the area where we will plant additional rows of turnips and watermelon radishes next week, which hopefully will give the soil in that area some time to settle. We also managed to get in some weeding and additional planting. Red and green romaine lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, Swiss chard, and another row of collards were all added to the fall garden this weekend.

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