2016, November

Farm update – 11/27/2016

We are turnips and greens central this week! This week's Whole Farm basket contains a bunch of hakurei turnips, 1 lb of peppers, and a green of your choice (collards, baby mustard greens, buttercrunch or romaine lettuce, dinosaur or curly kale, scarlet queen or purple top turnips, arugula, or Swiss chard).

2016, November

Farm update – 11/20/2016

No Whole Farm basket this week, but we have everything you'll need for some delicious salads: lettuce, arugula, Swiss chard, hakurei and scarlet queen turnips, radishes, and peppers.

2016, November

Farm update – 11/13/2016

It's salad season! We have lots of greens available this week including two types of kale, two types of lettuce, Swiss chard, and arugula. We also have peppers, turnips, and radishes to dice and pile on top of those tasty greens. This week's Whole Farm basket includes 1 lb sweet potatoes, 1 bunch hakurei turnips, a small bunch of radishes, and a green of your choice (lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, or baby turnip greens, as available).