2016, November

Farm update – 11/13/2016

This week’s Whole Farm basket includes 1 lb sweet potatoes, 1 bunch hakurei turnips, a small bunch of radishes, and a green of your choice (lettuce, kale, collards, Swiss chard, or baby turnip greens, as available).


The farm is in full fall swing this week! We’re finally harvesting lettuce, a couple of weeks later than last year due to the warm weather this year. Hakurei turnips and radishes are also coming on strong. All in all, I think that means it’s officially salad season!

We got a light frost Friday morning, a reminder that it is fall, even though it was in the 90s not too very long ago. Low- to mid-30s are in the forecast for next weekend, but everything should do well this week, and several of our fall veggies, greens especially, will be fine through additional frosts.

Our deer woes continue, with the deer eating most of our young loose leaf lettuce, and sampling the Swiss chard and arugula. So, we’ve taken to some desperate/silly looking measures to keep them at bay. We placed all of our unused tomato cages in a perimeter surrounding our new raised beds. Then we strung flagging ribbon from cage to cage, making a temporary fence of sorts. Or a boxing ring?? And we added floating row covers as a second line of defense in case the fence fails. It’s worked so far, so hopefully we’ll continue being able to harvest lettuce, Swiss chard, and arugula.


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