2016, November

Farm update – 11/27/2016

This week’s Whole Farm basket contains a bunch of hakurei turnips, 1 lb of peppers, and a green of your choice (collards, baby mustard greens, buttercrunch or romaine lettuce, dinosaur or curly kale, scarlet queen or purple top turnips, arugula, or Swiss chard). As you can tell, we have lots of greens coming in still! Check it all out on our online farmers market.


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, I think because of its focus on food and togetherness. I love the idea of having a meal, a feast really, so elaborate that it takes a whole day to plan, prepare, and cook it all. The house fills with the various and wonderful smells of each dish, the desserts first so they’ll have time to cool, then the turkey hours into its cooking time, then the side dishes in turn. Meanwhile, laughter and the sounds of loved ones adds another layer to the holiday’s cheer.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, in whatever way you celebrated it. This time of year lends itself to reflecting on what exactly you are thankful for. I’m certainly thankful that I’m in a place and at a point in life where I’ve been able to help develop our farm, and grateful for all the wonderful people we’ve met along the way.

For whatever reason, a flock of turkeys always makes its presence known right around Thanksgiving each year. As if on cue, we watched 17 turkeys walk single file out of the neighbor’s yard and into the field and orchard Thanksgiving morning. Early Friday morning, as I was headed out to the field to begin harvesting, I noticed the flock was back and had nearly doubled in size. There was no way I was going to chase them off, so instead I settled in to watch them as long as they remained in the field and orchard.

During that time, in addition to watching their curious antics, I saw bluebirds utilizing a birdhouse that had been unceremoniously propped up against the side of the barn after having been accidentally knocked over from its previous, carefully selected, site. Heedless of how silly it looked to a human eye, they were thankful to find shelter there. I also listened and watched a blue jay bathe surprisingly loudly in the nearby birdbath. Birds of all kinds have been visiting the birdbath during our prolonged drought, doubtless thankful also to have it to rely on. Those few minutes made me realize the importance of quiet, unintended moments, and all you can learn and observe by simply letting the world unfold around you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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