2016, December

Farm update – 12/18/2016

I love our weekly ritual of filling up our large commercial fridge in preparation for the farmers market, emptying it out Saturday morning to take to market, then filling it back up over the weekend for deliveries the upcoming week. And did we ever fill up that fridge today!

We were thinking about all those upcoming Christmas dinners and holiday meals as we were harvesting today, so we just kept harvesting turnips until the fridge couldn’t hold any more. In order to empty it back out, we’re having a turnip sale this week. We increased the size of some of our turnip bundles and lowered the price so that you can order enough for the whole familyimg_20161218_170549We have the traditional purple top turnips, but we also have hakurei and scarlet queen turnips, which are much milder-almost sweet-and are delicious raw or cooked in the same way that you’d cook the purple top turnips.

We’re so excited to be expanding our reach throughout southwest Georgia through two new ventures this week. Our turnips will be going out to members of Harvest Moon’s CSA and can also be found on the menu at Henry Campbell’s Steak House in Albany. This kind of diversification is something we hope to pursue more of in 2017.

Speaking of 2017, we will soon begin planning for our spring season. We should be sending out a survey soon to get some feedback that will help us with that planning process. We have already ordered two packages of bees for delivery in March, either to start over in our existing hives if needed, but hopefully to expand the number of hives we maintain. Ordering seeds is the next big step, and one of my favorite parts of farming. I have to restrain myself from buying one of everything! Even our elephant garlic is looking ahead to next year, getting an early start by tentatively sending up some lush green shoots.


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