2017, January

Farm update – 1/22/2017

Another weekend of bad weather has come and gone, amounting to 6 rounds of severe thunderstorms and several tornado warnings. We were lucky, amid reports of fatalities and widespread damage, to again be spared any real damage.

The weather kept farm chores to a minimum, but in the lull between storms on Saturday we were able to finish the roll-up sides and get water plumbed into the greenhouse, so it’s ready for action. The greenhouse definitely endured some heavy winds over the past two days, and passed with flying colors.


If you keep up with the Currently Available page, you may have seen both arugula and mustard microgreens for sale over the last couple of months. You also may have wondered what exactly microgreens are. Microgreens are intermediate in size between sprouts and baby greens, two items that are generally more familiar to people. Sprouts are seeds that are eaten just after they germinate, and are eaten root, seed, tiny plant, and all. Microgreens, on the other hand, are generally grown for 2-4 weeks and the stems and leaves only are harvested when the plants are 2-5 inches tall.

Microgreens are packed with nutrients, containing up to 5 times more vitamins than the mature plants they would grow up to be. Many vegetables and herbs can be grown as microgreens, and we are experimenting with several this winter. Pea shoots will be ready to harvest in the next few days, and broccoli microgreens will hopefully be ready next week. Pea shoots have the flavor of snap peas and can be eaten in salads or stir fries. Broccoli microgreens can garnish any meal, or can add some green goodness to wraps and sandwiches.


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