2017, January

Farm update – 1/29/2017

We finally harvested pea shoots today, and I’m so excited to have them as a supplementary green this time of year when not too much else is being harvested. The shoots are very tender and vibrantly green, and taste very much like snow peas, which are among my favorite spring vegetables.


On these “cold” days we’ve been having recently, I find myself ducking into the greenhouse every chance I can. Not as a worried plant momma, constantly checking on the status of my soon-to-germinate babies (though, since I’m in there anyway, I do check on them…), but rather to enjoy the warmth it retains.

Our spring plants in the greenhouse are coming along nicely, and getting into February this week means that we’ll be transplanting many of them out into the field in just about a month. It won’t be long before spring harvests commence!

Now that we’ve been through one whole yearly planting cycle (albeit perhaps not a normal one, climatically speaking), I’ve created an idealized chart of what veggies are available when. It definitely is not exact, but from it you can get an idea of what we’ll be growing each season, and when we hope to be harvesting each crop (harvest period highlighted green).


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