2017, February

Farm update – 2/12/2017

The year just keeps moving along, bringing us closer and closer to spring planting season. In fact, we snuck some seeds into the ground this weekend (a row of hakurei turnips, a bed of carrots, a short row of snow peas along our back trellis), which is earlier than planned, but seems reasonable given the warm weather we’ve been having.

We’ve been using recent week nights to get the field ready for planting so that we don’t have to do it all at once. Tackling a few rows a day over the course of a week or more is manageable. Attempting to do the whole field in a day is theoretically possible, but physically challenging… We learned our lessons there!

We also rejuvenated our herb beds for the coming season by pulling everything out, adding additional soil, and replanting. We moved our bountiful mint to a more self-contained location, from which it hopefully will cease and desist its attempts at world domination. None of the herbs seem to be showing any signs of transplant shock, so in no time we should be back on track with chives, parsley, mint, and cilantro.

Spring planting begins in earnest next weekend with potato planting!

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