2017, February

Farm update – 2/26/2017

We’ve been busy busy planting spring veggies and inoculating mushroom logs this weekend. Not so busy that we didn’t get around to harvesting too, though. In this week’s Whole Farm basket, we’re packing lots of greens: 5 oz each of arugula and Swiss chard, 6 mini heads of speckled Bibb lettuce (about 6 oz), and a small sample of broccoli microgreens.

Another round of carrot, radish, and turnip seeds were planted this weekend, along with seedlings of broccoli, beets, Swiss chard, and bok choy, all of which were raised in our greenhouse. We set them outside to harden off for several days prior to planting, which will hopefully help them acclimate to life in the field.

Mushroom log inoculation is a now a yearly tradition (this being the second year…) that marks the passage from winter to spring, at least as far as trees are concerned. We selected and felled trees two weeks ago, trying to time it to occur before their buds began to swell in preparation for spring’s flush of growth. We certainly cut it close this year, with trees everywhere now beginning to leaf out. This weekend’s tasks were to cut the trees into the right size logs, drill holes in the logs, hammer wooden dowels carrying shiitake mushroom mycelium into the holes, and seal over the dowel with wax. Sounds simple enough, but we had 750 mycelium-laden dowels to insert into our logs. Lots of hammers and teamwork made much easier work of it.

New and old mushroom logs stacked for the spawn run (incubation) period until fruiting.

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