2017, March

Farm update – 3/26/2017

This week’s Whole Farm basket includes 5 oz baby turnip greens, 1 lb collards, a bundle of green onions, and a bunch of mixed French Breakfast, Champion, and Pink Beauty radishes.

This upcoming week is an exciting one for Calamint Farms. Tomorrow we’ll get to pick up two new packages of bees. After the buzz-filled adventure of driving two hours with 6,000 bees in the car (in sealed containers), we’ll finally get to install them in the hives that we’ve built, painted, and prepared a spot for over the past several weeks. Hopefully their arrival will coincide with the spring nectar flow, but we’ll need some more rain for it to be a good year. In preparation for our new bees, we’ve cooked up a simple syrup to feed them until they’ve drawn out enough honeycomb to be able to store the honey they’re making. Newly establishing bee colonies will drink quite a bit of sugar water over the first 8-10 weeks after installation, so we always stock up on sugar when we’re starting out fresh with new bees. In my experience, you cannot buy a 25-pound bag of sugar at the grocery store without someone, usually the cashier, making the wry observation, “That’s a lot of sugar.” To which I always feel compelled to explain that it’s not for me, but for my bees.

Then on Thursday, we’ll be attending the spring Open House at Harvest Moon in Bainbridge from 6-7:30 pm. The event is a celebration of spring and a chance to come in to meet local food producers (including us!) and to sample some fantastic fresh and local food. Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it then, you can find us again at the Bainbridge Farmers Market on Saturdays, and, of course, any time at our virtual market.

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