2017, April

Farm update – 4/23/2017

This week’s Whole Farm basket is even more customizable than before. We’ve classified everything as “large” or “small” items, and you get to pick two items of each size from the lists below to make up your basket. Selections can be made on the order form in our online farmer’s market.

  • Large items: romaine lettuce (loose or heads), salad medley lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, collards, and eggs.
  • Small items: snow peas, medium onions (no greens), small onions (with edible greens), radishes, cauliflower, hakurei turnip roots, and herb sampler.

May was the month last year where we had the greatest variety of produce at one time, while the spring and summer seasons overlapped. Like I mentioned last week, everything seems to be happening about three weeks earlier this year compared to last year, and it certainly feels like we are hitting that diversity sweet spot right now. Onions are in full stride, a new crop of lettuce is in, snow peas have just begun producing, carrots and squash are on the cusp of being ready, and we’re still hanging on to the tail end of the spring items. The last of the cauliflower and turnips were recently harvested and will be available as long as we have any. Spinach, collards, and radishes have about one more week before they’ll be done for the season. Make sure you grab up your spring favorites while you still can, and start enjoying those early summer veggies!

Spring and summer veggies, happily intermixed

We’ve been at the Tift Park Community Market in Albany the past two weekends, and it’s been really fun to see and catch up with people that we recognize from last year’s market season as well as starting to come to know and look forward to seeing new familiar faces. If you haven’t already, you can find us on Facebook to keep up with the latest farm news, including information about which farmers market you can find us at each week.

Tift Park Community Market, 4/22/2017

Every day on the farm presents an opportunity to learn something new. As it started to rain this afternoon, I was watching our “teenager” chickens that were moved outside two weeks ago. I wasn’t concerned about them being out in the rain, as our adult chickens don’t seem to mind it at all. Watching them, however, it quickly became apparent that they were quite consternated by what was going on. They moved to what must feel like a safe spot to them, which is where they sleep at night. That spot is not underneath their roof, so they were stepping on, over, and around each other to try to get away from the wet stuff that kept falling on them. It occurred to me then that they had never in their short lives experienced rain, and didn’t know they could just walk about five feet and be under a roof that would keep them dry. I walked out to the coop, which was all it took for them to scurry away from me and toward the far, sheltered side of the run. We had several more short bursts of rain after that, and each time the rain intensity increased, they sought out their newly discovered, dry safe spot. So even the chickens can learn something new!

Next I’m waiting for the day they learn to stop running from us and start running toward us when we approach the coop, once they associate us with bringing yummy things like carrot tops and collard stems. Even though I sometimes scold our adult chickens for being such beggars, it’s kind of cute to have a full flock of chickens run toward you whenever they see you, even if it’s only because they want the food you may or may not be bringing.

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