2017, April

Farm update – 4/30/2017

For this week’s Whole Farm basket, choose two large items and two small items from the lists below.

  • Large items: collards (2 lb), pea shoots, Swiss chard, kale, and eggs.
  • Small items: snow peas (3 oz), parsley/small onion combo, radishes, hakurei turnip roots (12 oz), and collards (1 lb).

This very much felt like a week of transition. We continue to say goodbye to a couple of spring items each week, but welcome in new veggies as well. We’ve harvested the last of spring’s beets, arugula, and spinach, but are starting to harvest carrots, yellow squash, and zucchini. And so it will go, until the heat-tolerant summer powerhouses are all that remain until fall planting.

It was a week of transition in another important way too. We’ve been growing as a farm for about two years, but have continually struggled to find our niche, to figure out how to best connect with people seeking local/organic/fresh produce. Certainly, we’ve had a core group of support over the past two years, without which any of our farm establishment and expansions would have been impossible.

As we’ve grown, local farmers markets helped us expand that base of support, but markets are often unpredictable in terms of customer turnout and what will sell well in a given week. As an additional outlet to make these connections, we’ve recently become more active on Facebook, posting pictures and sharing the very latest farm updates. While our social media momentum has steadily been building over the past several weeks, it seems as though it’s really notched up this week.

So many of you are liking, sharing, and commenting on photos and posts that it’s pretty incredible! While all this is happening, we definitely want to take a minute to send out a huge thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us, including family and new and old friends. Whether the support is because we’re local, because we’re organic, or for the quality and freshness of our veggies, the sentiment is the same, and we feel it! Thank you for referring friends to us and sharing your awesome food photos, touching stories, and favorite recipes.

It certainly gives us encouragement and hope that what we’re doing matters, in big and little ways, outside our little farm world.

Many thanks, hugs, and lots of love from Calamint Farms to you!


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