2017, June

Farm update – 6/25/2017

You might think that our long summer growing season would result in an unchanging harvest made up of the same veggies week after week. To some extent that may be true, as only the hardiest crops can endure what southwest Georgia throws at them in July. And August. And September. And yet, at least for… Continue reading Farm update – 6/25/2017


Farm update – 6/18/2017

Even though the official start of summer is three days away, today was the perfect epitome of the summer season. ┬áIt was one of those days where from the moment you step outside in the morning, you know it's going to be hot. Really, it was best suited for Father's Day pool parties or trips… Continue reading Farm update – 6/18/2017

2017, June

Farm update – 6/11/2017

This week we're offering $5 and $10 Whole Farm baskets. For the smaller basket, choose two items from the list below. For the larger basket, choose four items. Yellow squash (1 lb), zucchini (1.5 lb), squash medley (1.25 lb), pickling cucumbers (1.25 lb), slicing cucumbers (1.5 lb), cherry/grape tomato medley (8 oz), large bunch parsley,… Continue reading Farm update – 6/11/2017

2017, June

Farm update – 6/4/2017

For this week's Whole Farm basket, choose one large, two medium, and one small item OR three medium and one small item from the lists below: Large items: kale or eggs Medium items: yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, or cherry/grape tomato medley Small items: one each green bell and sweet banana pepper, large bunch parsley, or… Continue reading Farm update – 6/4/2017