2017, June

Farm update – 6/4/2017

For this week’s Whole Farm basket, choose one large, two medium, and one small item OR three medium and one small item from the lists below:

  • Large items: kale or eggs
  • Medium items: yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, or cherry/grape tomato medley
  • Small items: one each green bell and sweet banana pepper, large bunch parsley, or herb sampler

In addition to this week’s Whole Farm basket, we will continue to have available a squash basket, consisting of 3 lb of yellow squash and 2 lb of zucchini. A perfect amount to get some in the freezer for use once squash season comes to an end!

This weekend we partnered with the Colquitt-Miller Chamber of Commerce to do a mini-farmer’s market event in Colquitt. It is always fun to meet new people who are interested in what we do, and yesterday was no exception. We look forward to continuing to be able to provide veggies to the Colquitt community, possibly through a mid-week drop off at the Chamber of Commerce building. If you live in the Colquitt area and would be interested in that, please let us know!


Summer veggies are slowly but surely maturing. We harvested our first eggplants over the weekend and should have many more throughout the summer. Eggplants were a hit last year, and we planted extra this year to try to meet the eggplant demand. We know everyone is also eagerly awaiting the first slicing tomatoes of the year (as are we!). It’s hard to watch them take their time ripening, but it’ll be worth the wait! We’re anticipating that they’ll be ripe for harvesting in another two weeks. In the meantime, we have available now a beautiful cherry and grape tomato medley.


The rain I mentioned being in the forecast for this past week did not disappoint. We were even able to use it to our advantage today to make the first batch of pickles of the year. That task would have happened regardless of the weather, actually, but it was nice to feel like we were not neglecting outdoor chores while we stayed inside during some heavy rain to prepare and process 13.5 quarts of pickles. They’ll be ready none too soon, as we are nearly out of last year’s pickles.


Before today’s rain came it, we were able to finish weeding the entire field. It makes me very happy and very proud to walk down the entire length of the field and find it in nearly immaculate condition. Sometimes, as I’m weeding, I wonder if it’s worth the effort, as it is a never-ending job and a substantial amount of the labor required to run an organic farm. But when it is in such good shape, everything else is so much easier. Harvesting is easier because you can see and access the crops without sifting through weeds to get to them. Pest management is easier because there are fewer hosts for pesky creatures. And most important, future weeding is easier when you start from a clean slate. This time last year, we were struggling to keep our heads above the weeds. We learned from our agonizing weed problems last year and minimized the area of the field we need to weed this year, and have made every effort to stay ahead of the weed situation. I guess I’ve slowly but surely learned that it is in fact worth the effort.

If you were looking for us this weekend at the Tift Park Community Market in Albany, you’ll be happy to know that we are planning to be at the market this coming weekend!

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