Farm update – 6/18/2017

Even though the official start of summer is three days away, today was the perfect epitome of the summer season.  It was one of those days where from the moment you step outside in the morning, you know it’s going to be hot. Really, it was best suited for Father’s Day pool parties or trips to the beach.

The has-to-get-done farm work of tending chickens and staying on top of hoeing was completed by lunch. All of the would-be-nice-to-get-done work was put on the back burner, to be completed when the weather was more conducive. A requisite swim and afternoon siesta followed lunch, until finally the sun had moved far enough into the western reaches of the sky to permit outdoor work again. The daily harvesting was thus completed as the evening thunderstorms rumbled in the distance, letting us know that even if we weren’t getting today’s rain, someone nearby was.

Even dinner let me know what season it was. Since I haven’t yet given in to the need to turn the air conditioning on, I wanted a dinner that wouldn’t add too much to the heat in the house or that would take long to prepare. A few minutes in a cast iron skilled resulted in some pan-fried eggplant served with a chilled tomato-cucumber-pepper-red onion-basil chutney and a glass of cold roselle hibiscus-mint herbal tea. It was as I sat eating dinner, thinking about how perfectly suited eggplant and tomatoes are for one another, and for summer itself, that it dawned on me that every moment of the day, though unintentionally, was underlain with the markings of summer. Such is the power of food, to connect you with a certain place or certain season. Hope you are also enjoying the taste of the season!


2 thoughts on “Farm update – 6/18/2017”

  1. Farm life is so busy and I appreciate the time you put into your blog and instagram. I also enjoy the referrals to other sources, like Grady Meats. Do you ever come to the Tallahassee Farmers Mkt.?


    1. Thank you for your kind message! Part of the joy of farming has been sharing the experience through words and photos. Glad you have been enjoying! We have thought about trying some of the Tallahassee markets, but it’s so much farther for us, and thus a bigger time commitment, than Albany/Bainbridge/Arlington that we haven’t made the leap yet. And you’re right, we do stay busy! But I think Tallahassee will eventually be in our future, so hang in there with us!


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