2017, July

Farm update – 7/2/2017

We’ve got great Whole Farm baskets for you to celebrate with this week! We’ve decreased the size of items slightly, but also increased the number of items you can choose so that you’re getting a wider variety of produce. There’s a ton to choose from, but quantities of some items are limited! Choose six items from the list below.

  • Pea shoots (2 oz), eggplant (one Ichiban, or one Ping Tung Long, or 4 patio babies), peppers (8 oz assorted, or 8 oz sweet banana peppers, or one yellow or orange bell pepper), tomatoes (10 oz grape/cherry medley, or 1-3 small to medium slicing tomatoes), cucumbers (1 lb of either slicing or pickling), yellow squash (10 oz), one small-medium elephant garlic bulb, basil bouquet, large bunch parsley, or herb sampler.

This week we finally planted sweet potatoes for fall! They were mail ordered from Virginia, and I really thought they were goners when they arrived. Many of the leaves were shriveled, and they just looked like they’d had a hard journey. Nonetheless, we went ahead and planted them late in the evening of their arrival, as suggested, and we got nice amounts of rain the following two days. In just that short amount of time, the little sweet potato vines are already putting on new growth. If they continue to be so tough (and the deer spare them), we will have not only the typical orange sweet potatoes, but also white and purple ones come October and November. I can’t wait!


We also have recently been able to put up some of our new signage that we developed as part of our grant through Southwest Georgia Farm Credit. We are keeping one sign at the entrance to the farm, which will help visitors find us and increase general awareness of the farm to those that pass by. The other signs are smaller and travel with us to events like farmer’s markets and are a definite draw for people who have started to recognize and look for us, or the logo, specifically.


Hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July! Stay cool and don’t work too hard. We’ll try too!

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