2017, July

Farm update – 7/30/2017

This week we’re having a sale on our 1 lb assorted peppers, and we’re offering a Whole Farm basket of assorted peppers, eggplant, and a small bunch of basil (choose from dark opal basil, Thai basil, or a basil medley of several varieties, including those above, plus lime, lemon, holy, sweet Genovese, and/or mammoth basil). This week’s basket includes almost everything you need to make Thai Spicy Basil with Eggplant. I went with Thai basil for this recipe rather than sweet basil (Thai is in the recipe title after all), and it was divine!

IMG_20170730_195718Basil medley

If you went to Christmas in July at the Tift Park Community Market this weekend, you will have noticed that we were not there. At this time of year, while we still have lots of yummy veggies, we simply don’t have enough variety to make the trip to market worthwhile. We likely will be taking a hiatus from market during all of August, and possibly into early September. I do miss the routine of getting up early, packing the car, heading into town, setting up our market table, catching up with the other farmers and talking with new and returning customers…but…at the same time, a Saturday morning at home after so many straight weeks of being at market felt like a luxury vacation. So, while you may not see us at market for the next few weeks, we’ll continue to keep a current listing of the veggies we have available, so remember to check it out whenever you’re in need of some farm-fresh produce.

As mentioned last week, we’re getting ever more ready for fall! This weekend we took the first steps toward fall planting by sowing our broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, yellow squash, and blushing bunching onions into flats in the greenhouse. This being the first fall planting season with the new greenhouse, we’ll see how it goes. The greenhouse gets morning shade and additional sun/temperature protection from shade cloth, so hopefully it won’t be too hot in there for those veggies to start growing in August for a September/October transplant date (sooner for squash!). Some crops, though, will have to wait. Lettuce seeds won’t germinate while soil temps are above 80 degrees F, so unless we attempt to germinate them in the refrigerator (actually a recommended option for growing lettuce in the summer), we’ll have to wait a while longer for growing conditions to be more conducive.

We also transplanted our fall tomatoes from the greenhouse into the field. These didn’t do well last year, so I’m trying not to get hopes up too high for a good crop of fall ‘maters. However, in addition to planting the fall tomatoes from seed, this year we’re also going to experiment with taking cuttings from our best performing plants of the year. In theory, since these are clones of the plants from which they were taken, they should also be good performers and, as an added benefit, will be ready for transplanting into the field (in approximately 2 weeks) much sooner than if they were planted from seed (minimum of 6 weeks).

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