2017, August

Farm update – 8/6/2017

This week we’re offering small ($5) and large ($10) Whole Farm baskets. Choose two or four items from: eggplant, okra, assorted peppers, basil medley, or herb sampler.

Judging solely on temperature, it might seem like summer still has its full grasp on southwest Georgia. But if you’re paying attention to our daylight hours, you will know that the season continues marching onward toward fall. And as the season changes, even if almost imperceptibly, so does our daily harvest.

New this week is edamame, which sounds foreign (in fact it is a Japanese word), even though it comes from something that has become a standard component of so much of what we eat: soybeans. Edamame are immature soybeans that are usually steamed or boiled and lightly salted (and of course removed from the inedible pod). They make an excellent (and fun to eat!) stand-alone snack, but are a great addition to salads as a way of sneaking in some additional plant protein. Soybean plants bear tiny white flowers in clusters that develop into clusters of fuzzy pods, each enclosing 2-3 edamame. The Japanese word translates to “stem bean” for the way in which they were traditionally sold still attached to the plant.

IMG_20170806_203818 Edamame flowers and pods

The greenhouse is, so far, making a fantastic environment for growing this fall’s early plantings. Within just two to three days after planting, a few precocious cauliflower, broccoli, and kohlrabis were emerging from the soil to greet the sun. Now, a week after planting, the trays are full of little plants. The squash was a day or two behind but caught up quickly, and will easily be ready for planting next weekend, if not before!

IMG_20170806_203911Our fall season’s earliest seedlings

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