2017, September

Farm update – 9/17/2017

We survived Irma! Quite intact, in fact. The chickens didn’t blow away (maybe didn’t even notice it was storming?), the greenhouse was unscathed, and no major crop losses were sustained. We did have lots of small-to-medium pecan branches come down, but that was to be expected. We lost power for about three hours during the storm. Then, after Irma was well on her way out of Georgia, we lost power again, overnight, out for about 16 hours. So at least some of that four days worth of stockpiled water did come in handy!

Luckily, the bees made it through the storm as well. We gave each of the “Twin Hives” an additional honey super this weekend. The colony that lost its queen earlier in the year will need to fill this new super just to have enough honey for themselves to eat this winter. The other colony though, if/when it fills its new super… that will be honey for us to harvest! The bees were not pleased to see us today, so it turned into a quick drop-off of the new supers only, and no inspection. Their anger may be because they are now protecting some precious stores of honey. That’s my hope anyway!

Newest additions to the “Twin Hives”

If last weekend was all about storm preparations, this weekend was all about peanuts! We have peanuts in various stages of harvesting/processing. Some have been dug, flipped, and are presently drying in the field. Others have been picked off the vine and washed, ready to be boiled. Still others were allowed to dry for a couple of days, picked from the vine, and are ready for use as roasting peanuts. And some remain in the ground, ready to be dug.

This year we have Spanish, Schronce’s Deep Black, and conventional runner peanuts. Spanish dry to have red skins, and have a higher oil content than other peanut varieties. Schronce’s Deep Black have beautiful purple-black skins and a great creamy flavor. The runner peanuts are our largest and make excellent boiled peanuts. Whether you like them boiled, roasted, fried, or creamed into peanut butter, we should have something for you! If you have a special request for dried, green, or boiled peanuts, feel free to send in a “pre-order”.

We knew they were ready based on the appearance of the vines, and from digging a few (ok, quite a few!) test peanuts to taste test. Out of curiosity, however, I looked up the number of days to maturity for these varieties and also looked up our planting date. Today is 112 days since planting. Schronce’s Deep Black peanuts are listed as being ready 110 days after planting. So without even trying, we were exactly on schedule. Especially considering our first bed of peanuts was flipped two days ago, on Day 110!

Flipped peanuts, drying. Schronce’s Deep Black, runner, and Spanish peanuts. A bin of dried Spanish peanuts.


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