2017, October

Farm update – 10/8/2017

Early this week we employed our EarthWay seeder to finish getting out the fall seeds that we didn’t get around to planting last weekend. The rest of the week, we made rounds each evening to see how many little seedlings had emerged since the previous day. Almost everything is up by now. Radishes were first, followed by arugula and tat soi, then hakurei turnips and the lettuces, then kohlrabi and bok choy, with beets and carrots bringing up the rear.

IMG_20171008_202210 Turnips, 1- and 2-week-old radishes, and carrots

We’ve also been amazed each day watching how quickly the green onions have developed this fall. Some of them will be ready for harvest very soon!

IMG_20171007_111323394Green onions

Today’s light rain from Hurricane Nate bought us a reprieve from beginning to weed the fall garden, which, unfortunately, we will need to begin doing soon. Instead, we worked in the barn to create a few new red cedar cheese boards. We should have some exciting news to share regarding our cutting boards and cheese boards in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Taking advantage of a brief period of nice weather on Saturday, we also went into the beehives to check on their progress over the past three weeks. As it always seems to go, there were interesting differences between our “Twin Hives.” Besides sharing a common location, they’ve been about as dissimilar as can be this year. Both twin hives received an empty honey super at that last visit three weeks ago. Since then, the hive that lost its queen early on this year has built new comb on six of ten frames, while the hive that has had no complications this year has built comb on one-quarter of one side of one frame. Go figure!

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