2017, October

Farm update – 10/15/2017

We harvested green onions on Saturday, so I think that means our fall season is officially underway. We even have Whole Farm baskets to offer this week, which include a dozen eggs, a bunch of those pretty green onions, and a pepper trio.

Now that Whole Farm baskets have returned, we’re developing a weekly mailing list. Contact us if you’d like to receive email or text updates about our weekly baskets.



We have been so pleased with the fall garden this year. Despite the heat, the plants continue to look healthy and are so far largely bug free. Now that the weather is about to turn cooler (or, rather, more appropriate for mid-October) the fall veggies should really start taking off. By next weekend, we may be able to start harvesting our baby greens mix, as well as young kale, tat soi, arugula, and radishes.

We planted more turnips, radishes, onions, and broccoli this weekend. Other than waiting for the soil temperature to drop a little lower in order for us to plant spinach from seed, our fall planting is basically complete. One exception is pea shoots and microgreens. We will resume production of them in the greenhouse once days and nights are even cooler.

The video below isn’t quite the same as a visit to the farm, but gives a glimpse into the development of the fall veggies. Enjoy!

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