2017, October

Farm update – 10/22/2017

As hoped/expected, this week we were able to start harvesting this season’s mesclun mix, the first tat soi, and a variety of radish we’ve never tried before called White Icicle.

Whole Farm basket

I’m not sure mornings come any more peaceful and serene than this morning. Of course, I was out early harvesting the first greens of the season, so it was already off to a great start. But then add in a cool morning breeze, a lazy sun inching its way up from the horizon, songbirds singing, a pileated woodpecker pecking pecan trees behind me, then flapping her giant wings loudly overhead, and one proud rooster serenading his flock… Yup, it was a great morning in the field!

Just last week I said our planting was about complete, but this weekend we were able to sneak in a few more things here and there, including an extra half of a raised bed of turnips, radishes in random openings, and, oh yeah, we did build two new raised beds for additional planting space.

The last two years we’ve grown our garlic and elephant garlic scattered about in our flower beds, but no more! As of today, we have dedicated garden space for our garlics. The really fun thing about building raised beds is it means we get to bring out the tractor. With three tractor bucket scoops from our soil pile, two five-gallon buckets of compost, and a rake for leveling, our new raised beds were quickly filled with soil and ready for planting. I’m already looking forward to harvest day in June!

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