2017, November

Farm update – 11/19/2017

We’ve made it to Thanksgiving week, and things are still growing strong on the farm. We have kale, spinach, and lots of lettuces coming in, plus green onions, Jerusalem artichokes, and salad rose radishes. We harvested the last of our peppers, and have green bell peppers, Gypsy sweet peppers, and sweet banana peppers available individually or as a medley. We still have pea shoots and broccoli microgreens coming in from the greenhouse. A variety of herbs rounds out our seasonal selection. We’d love to be part of your Thanksgiving plans, so head over to our online farmer’s market to pick up a Whole Farm basket or some a la carte veggies!


In addition to harvest, we also managed to plant shallots and extra collards this weekend. We also planted another flat of pea shoots and a new variety of microgreen. This time we’re growing mizuna, a mustard that has a mild cabbage flavor when young. I’m curious try it out, too, hopefully around the beginning December.

It’s that time of year when seed companies know we’ll soon be looking ahead to spring planting. Three seed catalogs arrived in the mail this week and have captivated my evenings with the variety of their offerings. Of course, I want to try one of everything, but know that realistically we can only add 3-4 experimental items each year. If there’s something you’d like to see added to the lineup, make sure to let us know. We’ll see about working it into the upcoming year’s planting plans.

The center spread of the High Mowing seed catalog really resonated with me. “We believe in the power of seed,” it states, going on to boldly proclaim, “It is our goal to leverage the power of seed to transform our world.” Right on, High Mowing, we’re right there with you!


As always, we here at Calamint Farms are thankful for all of you, family and friends, new and old, near and far, who support the farm. Thanks! Hope you have a wonderful, safe, and joyful holiday!

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