2017, December

Farm update – 12/17/2017

Somehow we have arrived at the last farm update for 2017! In keeping with tradition (all one year of it!) this final post of the year is meant to encapsulate the farm's activity over the last 365 days. This year's graphical summary is a word cloud constructed from the text of each blog post made… Continue reading Farm update – 12/17/2017

2017, December

Farm update – 12/10/2017

Though the calendar shows it 11 days away, I guess winter is officially here since we had our first below-freezing night of the season. I remembered from last fall/winter that although cauliflower plants are highly tolerant of cold weather, the actual cauliflower heads did not take kindly to freezing temperatures. I went to the weather… Continue reading Farm update – 12/10/2017

2017, December

Farm update – 12/3/2017

Well, if you've turned the last page on your calendar, you've seen that it's already December. How is that possible? Of course, good ol' Mother Nature is still keeping us a little confused about what season and month it is. We reached 81 degrees on the last day of November, which, admittedly, was lovely, but… Continue reading Farm update – 12/3/2017