2017, December

Farm update – 12/3/2017

Well, if you’ve turned the last page on your calendar, you’ve seen that it’s already December. How is that possible? Of course, good ol’ Mother Nature is still keeping us a little confused about what season and month it is. We reached 81 degrees on the last day of November, which, admittedly, was lovely, but a good 15 degrees above average. Today’s overcast skies hinted at winter, and by midweek we’ll be getting some much needed rain, which will also bring with it below normal temps for a few days. The cooler weather will mean many more nights of frost, even possibly a sub-freezing overnight low. I’m already bracing myself for a winter in which daily salads are not a part of my diet. Makes me feel like last winter spoiled us!

We prepared this weekend for the cooler weather ahead by getting row covers out over more of our crops. Kale, arugula, and spinach were all covered, hopefully keeping us in some greens for the time being. We also covered our cauliflower, and hope that that will provide enough protection for the next few weeks. Baby heads are forming, and the promise of fresh cauliflower is too good to give up to a freeze! Prior to covering the cauliflower, we also tied up the leaves in order to blanch the heads and keep them a pretty white.


Meanwhile, we are still harvesting lettuce, kale, spinach, and collard greens. We have lots of root vegetables to go along with those greens, including Hakurei turnips, watermelon radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, and pretty red Cherry Belle radishes. The nice thing about the root vegetables is that they store amazingly well in the fridge, often up to a couple of months. I kept enough Hakurei turnips in my fridge from last fall to see me through to the first harvest of turnips this spring. So feel free to stock up on your favorites for winter!

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