2017, December

Farm update – 12/10/2017

Though the calendar shows it 11 days away, I guess winter is officially here since we had our first below-freezing night of the season. I remembered from last fall/winter that although cauliflower plants are highly tolerant of cold weather, the actual cauliflower heads did not take kindly to freezing temperatures. I went to the weather almanac from the early January freeze that affected the cauliflower and was surprised to see that it got down to 23 degrees, which is a much deeper freeze than was in the forecast for last night and tonight. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to take any chances, so we harvested all heads of a good size, and actually brought in quite a bit of cauliflower. This may be the only cauliflower harvest of the season, so be sure it get it while it lasts. I’m personally looking forward to a cauliflower-sweet potato curry in my near future!



The heavy frost made for a beautiful morning, and the brilliant sunshine cut through the cold to warm up the day. By lunch time, the carrot leaves that had been bent and bowed under the weight of beautiful ice crystals were restored to their fully upright position, no worse for the wear. Giant collard green leaves were similarly unaffected by a few ice-laden hours.




We’re getting down to the last couple of rows of radishes and turnips. Carrots, kohlrabi, and beets will add some variety to the harvests over the next month or so. Then, with continued good weather, our winter crops will stick with us until spring. That includes kale, collard greens, spinach, arugula, and green onions.


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