2017, December

Farm update – 12/17/2017

Somehow we have arrived at the last farm update for 2017! In keeping with tradition (all one year of it!) this final post of the year is meant to encapsulate the farm’s activity over the last 365 days. This year’s graphical summary is a word cloud constructed from the text of each blog post made throughout the year (weighing in with a word count of more than 22,500 words!).  The larger the word, the more frequently it was mentioned in blog posts. Interestingly, though our beekeeping activities were particularly fruitless this year, three of the five most frequently used words revolved around bees. In fact, the word used most frequently was simply “bees”. That was followed by “farm”, “hive”, “honey”, and “eggs”. Individual veggies also received special attention – peppers were the most frequently mentioned, perhaps due to their longevity throughout the year.


Even though we won’t send out farm updates again until January, we will keep our virtual farmer’s market up to date with what we’re continuing to harvest. So when you find yourself craving fresh veggies over the next couple of weeks, check out what’s currently available!

Also, although this is the final farm update of the year, we will be sending out our annual end-of-year survey in the next day or two. As always, we welcome your feedback and strive to make sure we’re meeting your needs and expectations.

Thanks for a great year! May you spend the upcoming holidays with family and friends, be merry and warm, and eat well!

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