2018, January

Farm update – 1/7/2018

After 6 nights of sub-freezing temperatures, we are finally pulling out of our winter cold snap, at least for this week. By next weekend, those freezing temps may return.

In this week of cold, the farm really did shut down; egg laying was minimal, the veggies hardly grew, and the bees didn’t venture out too far or too often. However, after minor repairs, our water lines are functioning again (mostly), the well’s night light that keeps it from freezing has been turned off, and order restored to the farm.

Through all the cold weather, what surprised us most is what troopers the carrots have been. Whereas the kale, collard greens, and green onions look a little bedraggled, and the arugula didn’t even make it, the greens of the carrots look every bit as vibrant and alive as they did before the freeze. That’s good information to file away for this coming fall when thinking about planting dates and successional planting. Perhaps we can be planting carrots later in the fall for nonstop winter and early spring harvests.


Thanks to everyone who filled out our year-end survey! There was general consensus about high-quality items, and prices and quantity seem to be about right. There were a number of requests for larger Whole Farm baskets, so we’ll introduce those as we get into the spring season, while continuing to offer our current standard size baskets. We will try to keep plenty of greens, tomatoes, and eggplant on hand this coming year, as those were the most-requested items.

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