2018, January

Farm update – 1/14/2018

One perfect way to spend a cold winter morning is snuggled up with a steaming mug of coffee, a plethora of seed catalogs, and a notebook by your side for jotting down ideas: buy this amount of seed, plant that many rows of it.

As another week of cold is upon us, we are busy looking ahead to spring plantings and summer warmth. Our spring planting plan is nearly ironed out, and the summer assortment will follow closely behind. By this time next week, we should have flats of seeds planted in the greenhouse!

On the featured list this spring there will be lots of greens (lettuce, mesclun, arugula, Swiss chard, spinach, kale, collard greens, bok choy, tat soi), plus broccoli and cauliflower, beets, kohlrabi, turnips, potatoes, radishes, green onions, shallots, garlic, and snow peas. Also, more carrots than we’ve ever grown, because this pretty little Starburst Carrot medley seems to be a hit!


We’re busy planning for spring in other ways too, prioritizing the order in which we want to tackle our “big projects” list. These include adding one more set of six raised beds to the twelve we put in last spring, as well as improvements and redesigns of our irrigation system and our brooder pen for raising baby chicks.

All in all, a busy and hopefully productive spring awaits us, to begin just as soon as it warms up enough to let us spend more than a few hours outside at a time.

Stay warm this week!

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