2018, January

Farm update – 1/21/2018

Another 8 days of below-freezing nights have come and gone, including one night in the upper teens, a rarity, and, even harder to believe, SNOW! It hasn’t snowed in Milford since January 29, 2014, and that was a dusting that pretty much melted upon hitting the ground. Other than a small collection of flakes on car hoods and windshields, there was little evidence of that snowfall. Now, what fell this past week could hardly be called a proper snowfall by my Minnesota upbringing, but for southwest Georgia, woo wee, it was exciting! We got enough so that the ground was mostly white for the better part of two full hours, during which time we braved the conditions and went out exploring the property and taking lots of photos.

After all that, today’s sun and 60s have never felt better! We’ll enjoy even a little more warmth tomorrow, but we’ll steadily cool again to lead into February with freezing conditions. From January through March of 2017, we experienced only about a half-dozen freezing nights, so this year’s total far surpasses that already. As uncomfortable and unpleasant as it can be to de-ice chicken water in the dark before work, to deal with frozen water lines, and to throw on layers upon layers of clothes just to accomplish simple outdoor tasks, the silver lining to this cold weather is a reduction in bugs. We should have far fewer pest problems this year compared to last; in particular, the whitefly population that has destroyed our fall squash crop two years running should be much reduced.

With so much cold weather, we did not get anything planted in the greenhouse this past week, but that is definitely in the works for this upcoming week!

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