2018, March

Farm update – 3/11/2018

We have lots of planting to report on this weekend! After 5-7 weeks of life in the greenhouse, our Chinese cabbages (bok choy and Tokyo bekana), tat soi, arugula, lettuces, spinach, kohlrabi, broccoli, and cauliflower were ready for planting. Although those last three veggies have a long way to go before being ready to harvest in mid to late April, hopefully we can begin harvesting from the greens in just a few weeks! We also planted another three rows of Japanese turnips, which reach maturity in about 5 weeks.

Now that one round of veggies has been moved out of the greenhouse, it’s time to be thinking about getting the next round planted. Okra, squash, cucumbers, and zucchini will all get a head start in the greenhouse before being moved out to the field in April. However, it looks like we may have one more freeze in store this week, so we prepped the seedling flats for planting, but stopped short of actually planting. That will wait until the cold weather moves through, as this latest group of veggies is not tolerant of cold weather much at all. A new flat of pea shoots did get planted today, though, as they’re not afraid of a little cold weather.

Pea shoot seed

The other big event of the weekend was a return to the Tift Park Community Market. After many months, it was so nice to catch up with market-goers who were familiar from previous years and to meet and talk with people who are just discovering the market. If you’re interested in seeing us at market, check out our Facebook page and website for updates as to which weekends we’ll be there.

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