2018, March

Farm update – 3/18/2018

After spending the day constructing a brooder pen for raising chicks, we’re nearly finished with the major projects we’d set out to tackle this winter. We have some minor work to complete before the brooder pen is ready for its first batch of chicks, which hopefully we’ll bring home next weekend. It will be a spacious upgrade for the chicks, and an ergonomical and logistical upgrade for us from our previous brooder pen. No more stooping just to change their water or give them food.

This morning had all the feel of a summer morning, that sense of oppressive afternoon heat biding its time just beneath the surface of a pleasant start to the day.  With spring just now officially peeking around the corner, we managed to top out only at about 80 degrees, much better than those summer temps to come, but a reminder nonetheless that we are headed unceasingly in that direction.

Early harvesting is now underway for our spring veggies. We harvested the first of our successional plantings of radishes, with plenty more to come in the weeks ahead. We also harvested baby greens that were planted as part of an Asian greens medley. This mix of young Chinese cabbage and tat soi will make great braising greens, but is tender enough to be eaten raw too. The lime green of the Chinese cabbage makes a pretty contrast with the dark green tat soi. With rain and mild weather for a few more days, even more greens should be ready for harvest next weekend!



Our flock of chickens continues laying exceptionally well, so our egg sale continues through this week!

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