2018, March

Farm update – 3/25/2018

There are so many ways to mark the arrival or passing of seasons, especially so for spring it seems. I’ve already noted many of the signs of spring over the past few weeks, but there was yet one more sign this weekend that spring has arrived: we have a new group of chicks growing bigger every day out in our brand new brooder pen! Which means I’ve spent lots of time this weekend just watching and listening to their antics. It’s fun watching them discover a whole new world, running en masse to their feeder or waterer once the first little explorer stumbles upon it.

In spite of all that time spent with the  chicks, we managed to get a lot of other things accomplished too. All of the spring veggies have finally been moved from the greenhouse into their permanent home in the field. We planted two beds of kohlrabi, one of Swiss chard, another bed of arugula, as well as a row of beets. We also got the first few peppers in the ground, though we’re waiting a bit longer to plant the rest of the summer veggies just in case there’s more cold weather ahead, though I think we’re in the clear now.

In addition to planting, we had a lot of harvesting to do too. We’re starting our final harvest of collard greens, pulling up plants as we go. We also harvested the first arugula, and continued harvesting radishes and our Asian greens medley, including lots of pretty baby tatsoi. If tatsoi is new to you, it’s worth a try. Tatsoi is often called spinach mustard because, although it is a mustard, the thick, dark green leaves are reminiscent of spinach.  It is excellent stir fried along with your favorite veggies (garlic, onions, carrots, bell peppers) and drizzled with soy sauce and rice vinegar. It’s also mild enough to eat raw, so mix it into your salad greens, or feature it on its own with edamame, cucumber, and green onion with a soy-ginger vinaigrette.

Now that we have lots of greens coming in, our weekly Whole Farm baskets are returning. Check them out, and see what else is currently available.

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