2018, April

Farm update – 4/1/2018

We took full advantage of the ideal weather this weekend and were pleased with how productive it turned out to be. Not only was the weekend weather lovely, but all signs are pointing to the end of any frosty or freezing weather. The pecans and grape vine are beginning to leaf out. If that’s not proof enough, we looked ahead to the 10-day forecast and saw that the lowest overnight temp is in the mid-40s.

Therefore, we went ahead with planting our summer veggies. We planted two beds of a variety of peppers, two rows of our cherry/grape “snacking medley” tomatoes, three rows of cucumbers, a row of yellow squash, and half a row each of green and yellow zucchini. With that, we have basically filled every raised bed and every planting row we have. Consequently, we also took what peppers remained in the greenhouse and potted them up into bigger containers so they can keep growing in the greenhouse a few more weeks, until we make room to plant them!


We also harvested some of almost every leafy green we’re currently growing, including some seasonal firsts, like baby lettuces and spinach. These were combined along with arugula and Chinese cabbage to become a salad medley. We also harvested Swiss chard, dinosaur kale, baby turnip greens, and more collard greens. All of that and more can be found on our online farmer’s market, including build-your-own “Whole Farm baskets”.

The beauty of the weekend and the joy of so much planting and harvesting was slightly offset by the discovery today that we have lost two of our three bee hives. We have attempted to combine the remaining bees from each hive into a single colony comprised for now of two deep brood boxes. Unfortunately, we’re essentially starting over from scratch this year on bees after finding them doing so well just a few weeks ago.

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