2018, April

Farm update – 4/22/2018

Another Sunday, another rainy day. 2018 sure seems to want to be remembered for its rainy Sundays. The rain held off late enough into the afternoon that we were able to fill our farm fridge with a bounty of veggies for the upcoming week: lettuces, arugula, cabbages, carrots, tatsoi, pea shoots, turnips, and more!

This weekend, like last, we continued planting for summer. The carrots and arugula we harvested made way for eggplant and tomatoes to be planted. We also planted a row of nasturtiums, our first foray into edible flowers. In addition, we planted basil and edamame in the greenhouse with the idea of growing them up to transplant out to our raised beds as they continue being freed up from spring obligations. More pea shoot seeds were sown in the greenhouse too as we continue growing a steady supply of them while the weather permits, probably another month or so.

3 thoughts on “Farm update – 4/22/2018”

  1. Nasturtiums! I recognize them anywhere! With all the useful greens you grow, why do you bother with nasturtiums?
    I have an odd question. Do you know the perennial pea that is a common roadside weed? Are the new shoots edible like those of other peas?


    1. We planted the nasturtiums to harvest the flowers. But, our greens are on the way out, so perhaps I’ll be eating nasturtium leaves before long!

      Not sure about the pea. I can’t think of one that we have that’s a common roadside weed.

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      1. I grow nasturtiums in my downtown planter box, and many of the flowers get taken. I can see the stems left behind. I would not mind, but I can not believe how many get taken! (I would not be eating any flowers within reach of dogs who do what dogs do on sidewalk planters.)
        The perennial pea is very common here. I though everyone had it.


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