2018, April

Farm update – 4/29/2018

As we’re about to close the book on April, it’s clear that we are reaching that transition period between spring and summer crops. Not only is the weather telling us that summer is near (hello 90s by mid-week!), but the veggies are too. We pulled up the last of the Japanese turnips, and made the near-final harvest of arugula and spinach. We’ve even harvested a few heads of lettuce, as 90 degree days make me nervous about losing the lettuces to the heat. However, in looking back at last year’s records, our lettuces may hold in the heat better than I remember. We harvested lettuces through mid-May last year, and had similar stretches of warm weather like we’re expecting this week. Nevertheless, it seems as though about two more weeks is all we can expect from the lettuce. The potatoes are flowering abundantly, and some may even be ready for harvest next weekend.

So spring veggies are on the way out. But, it seems like there’s a new development every day that shows progress for the summer veggies. Squash and zucchini are starting to flower, and the first tomatoes and peppers are developing. Cucumber blossoms look like they’re forming amid the vining leaves.


Even our chicks got in on the seasonal transition this weekend. They made a big move from their brooder pen inside the barn to a grown-up chicken run outdoors. They seemed thrilled with their new home, exploring right away.

1 thought on “Farm update – 4/29/2018”

  1. How fast does lettuce go bad? I remember eating lettuce that ‘looked’ like it was bolting, and finding that it was not very bitter. I was really annoyed and did not want to throw it all out. I think we only discarded those that actually bolted with flower stalks coming up through the foliage. I do not like growing lettuce at all because of the climate here. (It does great on the coast though.)


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