2018, May

Farm update – 5/13/2018

We stay busy with farm work, I think that much is clear in these weekly installments of farm updates. But we stay busy behind the scenes too, and that’s what this week’s update is all about.

Today being one of the hottest days of the year to date, we spent some of those sweltering hours indoors, creating a new online marketplace. This new market will replace the old system of ordering through Google Forms by checking next to each item you’d like. With the new system, each item has a picture showing the size of the order, it allows you to easily order more than one bunch/bag/pound of a particular item, you’ll get an immediate email confirmation of your order, and can still pay by your preferred method (cash, check, or credit card). You can even use PayPal for payment now. This new system streamlines the process on our end in many ways, including providing an inventory control system that prevents more of an item from selling than we have on hand. Handy! Hopefully all the kinks are worked out, but let us know if you encounter problems and we’ll try to get them resolved.

If you’ve dined at The American in Bainbridge, GA recently, you’ll have heard that much of their produce comes from a local farm called Calamint Farms. Through this relationship with the restaurant, we’ve been asked to provide produce for an upcoming event at the restaurant. The event, an Eat Y’all CONNECT dinner of “chefs celebrating southern grown & made,” takes place on May 22. We’re thrilled to be able to be there highlighting some of our Calamint Farms products.

Finally, we were equally delighted to be selected again this year as one of 10 recipients of a Fresh from the Farm grant through Southwest Georgia Farm Credit. It’s truly an honor to be recognized by them for the work we do in providing fresh, local, organic produce to our area.

I did say this post would be all about our behind-the-scenes work, but I can’t help but mention all that we’ve accomplished this week too. Potatoes are seemingly being dug daily, by the wagonload. A big haul of carrots came in today too. Squash and zucchini are just starting to make, and the kale and Swiss chard are hanging on. We finally planted out cantaloupe, basil, and the last of our peppers, this time a Japanese variety, Shisito, that we haven’t grown before. The peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes are getting big, and there’s so much anticipation in watching baby fruits form on each plant. As in previous years, April and May are keeping us on our toes by being the most productive months of the year!

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