2018, May

Farm update – 5/20/2018

We continue to keep ourselves busy with seemingly endless harvests – this weekend was potatoes, onions, and carrots, which, coincidentally enough, make up this week’s Whole Farm basket.

But that’s not all we’re harvesting! Yellow squash, zucchini, snow peas, Swiss chard, kale, and a wide assortment of herbs continue coming in too, as well as some new items this week, like kohlrabi, shallots, cucumbers, and a few early peppers.


We’re watching our tomatoes closely too. Even though there are lots of green tomatoes on them, we’re probably still about two weeks away from eating the first ripe tomatoes.


Among our harvested items today were greens that will be featured in the Eat Y’all dinner at The American in Bainbridge on Tuesday. We’ll be at that event to talk about the farm and enjoy the delicious multi-course menu. I’m already anticipating that event being the highlight of next week’s farm update! Until then, we’ll be enjoying this slightly cooler weather and more frequent rainfall, which has been giving us a nice break from irrigating the field.

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