2018, June

Farm update – 6/17/2018

This week has brought archetypal summer weather: heat and humidity, briefly broken by scattered afternoon thunderstorms, followed by even higher humidity and heat. Some of the storms haven’t been so brief, and some have been heavy, so we’ve actually picked up quite a bit of rain this week and are getting a couple of days respite from watering. But, as is also typical of these scattered storms, just a few miles makes a big difference as to whether you get a trace of rain or a couple of inches.

We’re harvesting eggplant now, both the traditional Black Beauty as well as the Japanese Ichiban variety. Basil, too, is coming on strong, including Thai basil. I haven’t had a chance yet, but it won’t be long until eggplant, tomatoes, and Thai basil come together for an easy summer stir fry.

Our weekend project last weekend and today has been pickle making. In all, 20+ quarts of pickles are readying themselves to become our yearly supply, though they won’t be ready to eat for a minimum of 8 weeks. Luckily, we still have some of last year’s batch around. A jar opened this week, dated 6/4/2017, is every bit as crispy and delicious as the day it was first ready to eat. And perhaps even tastier, as they only seem to improve with age.

Once the ingredients are prepared…

jars are packed, and put in the oven…

… and after an hour are filled with vinegar brine. Then the calendar gets a star on a date 8 weeks from now saying, “Pickles ready!”

1 thought on “Farm update – 6/17/2018”

  1. More than 20 quarts is a lot of pickles! We will be using lemon cucumbers this year only because someone here really likes them pickled. I think they are an awkward shape that does not fit easily into the jars. All the extra space must be filled with brine. The extra brine is not so much a problem. I would merely prefer a better use of space in the pantry than jars of excessive brine. There will be less than a dozen of them, so I suppose I should not worry about it. We might get two dozen quarts of pickles, but that will be all of them combined, which means that there will be only a few of each type, and certainly not 20 all at the same time. We will make larger batches, but keep only a few here.


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