2018, July

Farm update – 7/22/2018

This weekend we said goodbye to the cucumbers and tomatoes, so now everything that remains are our true warm-weather champions: basil, okra, eggplant (Black Beauty and Japanese varieties), and peppers. Our peppers run the gamut from sweet to hot, and have you covered whether you’re looking to grill, stuff, fry, saute, or snack on them, or if you’re wanting to make pickled peppers, relish, or hot pepper jelly. All of the above can be found in this week’s special Whole Farm basket!

Pepper-palooza! Anaheim, bell, jalapeño, lunchbox, Marconi, Shishito, and sweet banana. Or, try several varieties in a pepper medley!

Also sticking it out through the summer are peanuts and sweet potatoes, which should be ready to dig in late September or early October, and Jerusalem artichokes, which we’ll start digging in November. Sweet potato greens, on the other hand, will be harvestable in just a few more weeks!

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