2018, August

Farm update – 8/5/2018

Results are in from last week’s survey, and it’s no surprise that broccoli and sweet potatoes were top choices for most highly awaited fall veggies. Lettuce, kale, collard greens, arugula, and cauliflower were also high on the list. Thanks for providing that input, it’ll definitely help us in deciding how much of which crops to grow.

Our sweet potato vines have grown enough that we can begin harvesting them. If you’re new to the idea of eating sweet potato greens, they’re a great summer substitute for spinach. They can be eaten raw, for example chopped finely and added to a mixed greens salad. However, I happen to think they’re at their best when briefly sauteed with onions and garlic with a dash of your favorite liquid flavoring (maple syrup, soy sauce, or vinegar) and served as a side dish. They’re great too when added to a stir fry with other summer veggies.

A wreath of sweet potato vines

Despite the fact that this weekend’s weather was essentially perfectly normal for early August, it seemed especially hot (and sunny!) to me. I guess I was spoiled by the upper 70/low 80 degree high temperatures brought in by a dip in the jet stream last week. So instead of fighting the heat, humidity, and sun, I harvested a basket of basil, and went into pesto production mode. Several ice cube trays full of delicious and aromatic pesto cubes were the end result of my efforts.

Pesto making!

1 thought on “Farm update – 8/5/2018”

  1. We have not grown sweet potatoes at all yet. No one here is that keen on them, and if we want them, we can easily trade other produce for them. Consequently, I have not yet tried the greens. The funny thing is that the market in town on Tuesday sells the greens, but not the sweet potatoes.


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